Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Christmas

I hope everybody had a Blessed Christmas! Even though Eddie had to work we had a good time. Matthew opened one gift Christmas Eve night. It was the 2nd Chronicles of Narnia "Prince Caspian" movie so we enjoyed watching that together. I got Matthew to help me some with cleaning the house (not that you can tell I did anything now...) & rearranging some furniture. We hadn't put up a Christmas tree for various reasons. With some rearranging, we made a place for a small tree & decorated with only white lights. It was good enough for us. Christmas just isn't "Christmas" without a tree...
We got Matthew up at 6 A.M. so Eddie could see him open his gifts. Matthew got an electric guitar & was pleased. We all got a sort of an "I.O.U" card since we're waiting for paychecks to begin from our apartment cleaning job & the job with PSA. It gives us something to look forward to even after Christmas & show our love on this special day. Eddie wrote me a beautiful letter expressing his love & gratitude. In this letter he gave me an IOU for cell phone accessories & the 3 Santa Clause movies. I gave him an IOU for flying lessons at our local airport. He had mentioned he would love to learn to fly & we saw an ad for lessons. So we're excited about that! Weather permitting, he will take his first lesson Sunday afternoon. He's excited & ready to get started.
Matthew & I went to grandma's for lunch. We missed Eddie since he was at work...even though we're still thankful that his job has held out this long. My mom went over early to get the ham in the oven. My dear grandma didn't realize it was Christmas. She seemed out of sorts at times & alittle irritated with the little people leaving stuff in the floor or banging the piano. I bet she wanted to turn her hearing aids off...We had a good time with family even though we were missing a couple family members. Amy & her family had gone to West Virginia to be with her husband's family. Calvin & his family didn't venture out while I was there at G'ma's. We did get to spend time with Trista & her baby Tianna. Tianna is a ham! I had so much fun playing with her. We miss getting to see them as often as we used to. She's learned to give kisses & then say "EWWWW!!!!" LOL She just turned 2 in September & has had some developmental delays due to hydrocephaly. She's come a long way.
I was supposed to come home & unthaw meat for supper. I took the meat out of the freezer & decided to stretch out to watch some TV...well, needless to say, I fell asleep...not a sound sleep but enough to make me late getting supper started. We decided we could try to find a restaurant that was open & went into town after Eddie got off work. We thought we were going to be out of luck until we found that Hardees was open. What a wonderful "Christmas dinner", huh? Actually we had our mouths set on burgers & when we got to the pickup window, we were told the broiler thingy was we settled for chicken sandwiches instead...Guess I shouldn't have given in to the sleepies & should've started working on supper. It was good to get home & relax though.
We made the trip to pick up Eddie's youngest daughter, Karissa. Thankfully the trip was uneventful. We're glad to be back home & able to visit with her. It's rainy & cool. We'd rather have some snow but oh well. Eddie doesn't want snow since he's looking forward to his flying lesson Sunday...
Right now we're listening to Matthew practice learning his guitar while watching the instructional DVD. We hope he doesn't get too discouraged & will stick with it. I want to learn to play the piano/keyboard. Eddie says we can learn the instruments & he will fly us everywhere. LOL...
I guess that's all for our "exciting" lives...haha. Maybe we can have alittle "fun" on New Year's Eve since Eddie will be off work. We're looking forward to the New Year & what's to come. Eddie & I plan to have alittle more "mama & daddy time" this year, if at all possible.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Well Christmas is approaching quickly, but I've managed to stay out of the stress that can sometimes be included (so far). I feel bad since I haven't gotten any decorations out...we've gotten rid of stuff which includes one entertainment center, our livingroom couch, our home isn't in order right now anyway. I guess I've just been soaking in other folks' decorations.
On another note, since quitting my job at the rehab hospital, I'm anticipating orientation with the home health for kids job. Also, I've started the apartment cleaning job. Matthew & I cleaned our first apartment yesterday. We accepted it as a learning experience to get familiar with what we needed to do & get a sort of routine so we're thorough but quick. Today was our second apartment, after we finished some last minute things from the first apt...atleast now we're more organized & know more of what to expect. I'm so proud of Matthew for picking up so fast on what needed to be done, taking the initiative when it came time to get on the ladder to change light bulbs, etc. Right now, he's very motivated to see how much money "we"/he can make so we're working on work ethic, responsibility, etc. After we got home, it was time to work on his school work...he said, "I've been WORKING all day! I don't want to work on school work!" LOL Poor guy! I guess 2-3 hrs total seemed like "all day". Atleast it is a start to showing him what "work" is. =)
In the meantime, today we got the first phone call regarding our ad to sell the suburban. We hope & pray this is God's Will! It would help our finances & get ourselves back on even keel, we hope! So hopefully we will know more tomorrow. If anybody reads this, please pray for God's Will to be done with this situation as well.
We've enjoyed getting more involved/attending my dad's church in Due West. We went Sunday & I fixed lunch for us & dad after church. Mom took grandma to her church so she wasn't able to be there with us. We're looking forward to getting more involved & helping where we can. As church was starting, I dug around in my bag, found a toy car that I had for "JJ" (our first foster son) & gave it to a little guy sitting behind us. He's 2, I think & is a sweetie! I thought it would entertain him alittle while...he loved the car, then he found the pull string that makes the car make NOISE...Ohhhh what have I done! LOL Good thing my daddy is the preacher! I mouthed "Sorry" to his mom who was trying to convince him not to make the noise...he wasn't happy & the poor guy ended up in the nursery (with his new car)...I felt so bad!!!!!!! I plan to pack more toddler friendly/quiet church toys in the future!
Thankfully Eddie still has his job! We're thankful for all the Blessings the Lord has placed in our lives! We're still praying for guidance but trying to be more specific in the next step of our adventure & maybe even alittle more info on the big picture God has in store for us. We'll see what He says!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Evolution? Eddie's thoughts

  I thought I  would  do a little blogging today, I feel lead to talk about certain things from time to time  I  don’t know why last time I  blogged it was about prophesy to I want to get down a few thoughts about evolution.
   Some people try to say that we all evolved to be what we are today; they to believe that every species of animal and plant all came from the same primordial ooze. They completely ignore the mathematical improbability of the spontaneous creation of life. Some even go so far as admitting to intelligent design theory; you can research all this easily for yourself so I will not go into these theories.
I want you to think about all the different types of animals and plants you know of; walk out to your front yard and look around, try to count the number of different trees you can see. Now you tell me, if we are creatures of evolution, why would there be so many completely different types of trees would it not be logical to evolve to the most efficient type tree for each climate? If we are the apex evolution of the mammal then where is the reptile with the ability to reason? If evolution started in the water why do we see no intelligent fish?
  I guess it can get a little silly when you start thinking about it. But if we evolved to be as adaptable as we are it would seem logical to me that our adaptability and intelligence should have evolved into some other life form also.
Scientist can even support evolution with fossil records there are way too many missing links or what they call transitional phase fossils. But scientist can give evidence that the whole world was once under water they find fish fossils at elevations above 15000 feet.
While to me my understanding there is nowhere near enough evidence to prove evolution, there is an abundance of verifiable facts to prove the bible. And to prove that it is history written in advance. And nothing in the bible has ever been proven wrong. Yet Darwin disowned his theory and said it was in error.
As for me I will stand on the truth

Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's about the Cross

I don't know if this will work...YAY!! It worked! I found this on a 'friend's' blog & thought it was really special. I'd never heard of the group Go Fish but I'll be looking for more of their music.
This is off the subject but...anybody who reads this is probably going to think I've gone insane...With Eddie's job on the line, I officially quit my primary job (where I haven't worked in a month due to downstaffing, since the patient load was down for the holiday. I also was only working "prn" & a day or more/week). I am looking forward to starting another job next week so I'm not completely unemployed. I do feel alittle crazy for doing it, especially now, but I just couldn't stand the thought of going back...I think I can put a finger on what's going on with me as far as being a nurse is considered...I think "floor nursing" is what's getting to me. Having 8-10 patients, who I feel like I barely touch on their needs besides throwing pills at them & running off to give more to someone else. This "new" job is home health for medically needy kids. It will be one-on-one & hopefully alot less stressful.
Anyway, it's official now especially after I called the charge nurse yesterday evening so they wouldn't be expecting me today (Sunday)...they were probably going to downstaff me anyway...A few minutes later, I got a call from a dear friend. Her mom is a manager for a low income apartment complex in a town close by. (Keep in mind, our finances have been tight since I wasn't able to work last month.) So right here at Christmas it's alittle tough to think positive...But her call was telling me about her mom needing someone to clean apartments for future residents. The pay sounds good. It wouldn't be consistent work but I was really excited thinking this might be the "break" I've been looking for. Maybe it's some quick cash. Eddie said, "It's pretty bad you have a 3-4 year degree & you'll be working as a maid." But he said he didn't mind if it was something I wanted to do. I've been saying for the last year or so that I was about ready to go stock shelves at Walmart...just for the break of having to "take care of anybody"...I think I'll always have the nurturing nature, I just want to make a difference when I do it! Anyway, hopefully I'll hear something soon about this new little adventure so I can see if it's for me! Also, dear Matthew is excited about helping me. He has hopes of making some extra cash for himself, so we'll see!
On another note, Eddie still has his job, Thank the Lord! We hope it will make it til atleast the first of the year, but if it can make it another week or so, he'll get his vacation pay, plus maybe a couple days off.
In the meantime, my muscles are sore from moving an entertainment center & couch yesterday that we gave to a family who needed it. So we're making some progress in our downsizing. We still have a ways to go but taking it day by day makes it alittle less overwhelming. Hopefully we can make alittle money off of some stuff but we'll give away as much as we can to those who need/want it.
We're also feeling the call to attend my dad's church more often. The drive is not bad at all. The people are so down to earth & friendly. We have enjoyed & still want to stay somewhat involved in "our" church. We feel like dad's church could use what we can give in our tithe, & help with the church/youth. We'll see where the Lord leads us!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Our day yesterday

Even though we didn't buy one, I feel it's my 'duty' to give my opinion on the Kirby vacuum demo we had yesterday! =) Eddie answered the door to a nice lady (holding a 2 liter Pepsi) asking to speak to the 'lady of the house'...By the time I got to the door, he'd already told her that we weren't going to be interested. Me & my big mouth accepted when the lady said she'd get paid just for showing it, even though she knew we wouldn't be able to buy one. I will say she & the main demonstrator were very nice, professional & eager to persuade us to buy one. I'd LOVE to have one but can't imagine paying that much money for one. The guy said there is a lifetime warranty, if the vac can't be repaired, a new vac would replace the old. So basically you'd never have to buy another vacuum cleaner again. I guess with the economy in the shape it's in, if Kirby went under, that would end your 'never have to buy a vac again'...Ohhh the dirt they pulled from my embarrassing. He reassured me it wasn't 'my fault' but our not so beloved Dirt Devil (that has given us trouble since the day we bought it). The carpet the young man worked on in our living room is definitely cleaner. I would've loved to have the shampooer that came as an attachment but oh well...The guy said there's even a 'pet groomer' attachment. My sweet Shelby (Shih tzu) HATES the vacuum cleaner so I couldn't imagine her letting me vacuum her!! =) Anyway, that was our excitement for the day.
On a different note, I had an interview before Thanksgiving with Pediatric Services of America (PSA) which is home health nursing for kids. I called yesterday (like the director told me to) & she said everything was good to go as far as getting me hired back in. The money's not as good as the hospital but I'm thinking it will be less stressful. I've come to the conclusion that 'floor nursing', having 8-10 patients I'm supposed to meet the needs for, running up & down the halls 'pushing pills' is what's bothering me the most...reason I haven't found my niche. After being in the nursing profession for 16 years, I don't feel like I'm completely burnt out on nursing, it's the type of nursing, I think. I want to make a difference & love what I do. I pray the Lord will put me where I can fulfill that dream.
I guess that's all for now.