Thursday, November 19, 2009

Long time no blog...

It's been awhile since I've posted a blog on here. We've been just living day to day, waiting on the Lord. We've been walking in the "wilderness" for awhile now, wondering where we're supposed to be...what we're supposed to do with our life as a family...when we would see God's plan for us start to unfold...We've given it to the Lord.

Well, I don't know where to start really. First, I do want to give the Lord Praise in being with us as He's been molding & preparing us for our future!
He's done so much for us!
Our journey is getting a jump start partly due to my dad losing his job. I won't say much but that he was done 'wrong' by some of the church folks where he was pastoring a church in Due West. It's for a reason, we know but it's caused him undue stress.
Eddie & I have been praying for guidance & direction steady for years. We were on the verge of re-opening our foster home & trying to decide if we should. I emailed the case worker we'd worked with & for one reason or another, she took a while to get back with us. In the meantime, we just waited on the Lord.
The "wilderness" I mentioned earlier is actually a sermon series our preacher is doing. You can hear his sermons online @ Every day we've stepped foot into church since we've been going to Northside Baptist, we've experienced the Holy Spirit moving! Jeff, the preacher, hit the nail on the head when he described our very situation as we prayed, waited, grew frustrated, wondered, tried to be patient...wondered if we were in God's Will at all; wondered what we were doing wrong, reason God was so 'quiet'...
As we've grown recently, we've recommitted our lives & prayers to be God's Will & not what "we want" or think is what's best for us. Since then, we felt led to ask my parents if they wanted to consider us moving in with them to help with their finances, vs us renting the home we're in. We really didn't think they would say yes, but they did. One door opened...the delay in moving towards re-opening our foster home before the deadline of March 2010 (in order to not have to start all over) was for a reason. We're now packing, throwing away stuff, transporting boxes to our storage building. The storage building was also another "Yes, you're headed in the right directon" smack on the head...Eddie & I stopped by a place that sells storage sheds. First, we saw they finance thru a finance company we just paid our last loan payment to the previous Friday...we wouldn't have needed a storage shed if we were staying put...we got thru to the finance company 20 minutes before they closed...everything including the setting up of the building went 'too' smoothly for it not to be 'of the Lord'. Oh & we can't forget being able to buy a kennel for our German Shepherd, Ginger, who has shown she will not stay in the chainlink fence...We got the kennel at the same place we got the building from.
Saying all that, we hope to be moved by the end of this month. We will stay as long as the Lord wants us too. We won't be setting a time frame for ourselves but will work on grooming ourselves for whatever the future might hold.
Wherever we are in God's Will, there we pray to be!