Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Getting better

Thank you for listening to me wail & most of all for praying! We could not have made it without prayers! Eddie & I both are doing good considering. Even though we only "knew" for sure for a week that we were expecting, it was hard for a few days but has gotten alittle easier to look ahead now. I went to the Dr & my hCG was 43 so alot lower & heading where it needs to be (weird to say that). Now it's a matter of seeing how long it takes for my body to heal & hope/pray will work right again...after all it did take almost 3 years to get this first "positive". So we're praying & striving for stable blood sugars, exercise & for my body to work like it's supposed to. Hopefully it won't take long to announce that we're expecting a "keeper"! Please keep praying!

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